EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers Project Reference: 621532-EPP-1-2020-1-HU-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

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EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers is a project aiming to establish an innovative tool for continuing professional development of practitioners in basic skills provision. In the framework of this project EBSN, in cooperation with ADi, is focusing on organisations among and beyond its membership to pave the way to an innovative professionalisation tool, one that is based on open educational resources and massive open online courses.

During the project 6 thematic OER units and 6 MOOCs will be created respectively to offer teachers, practitioners and other adult education providers an opportunity to have a better understanding and an up to date toolkit to train adults with basic skills needs. The project thus contributes to making Upskilling Pathways a reality.

Another aim of the project is to find a way to a flexible accreditation system that can lead to merit-based application of the EBSN Professional Development Series (PDS) in the future. During the 3 year long project 4 MOOCs will be tested through a pilot phase..

After their evaluation 6 MOOCs will be organised (including the 4 pilot MOOCs) and they will all be based on the OER units. Participants of the MOOC who successfully complete all criteria are awarded an EBSN virtual badge which also plays an important part in the recognition of PDS.


The significance of this project is that it creates an opportunity for involving new organisations to EBSN’s work through creating the EBSN Professional Development Series for basic skills teachers, expanding EBSN’s fields of operation focusing on teacher training by establishing a practice for recognising EBSN’s activity as a form of professional development, and establishing a new operative field with new organisations to EBSN by creating a further development plan for the EBSN Professional Development Series for upscaling and disseminating results.

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