SkillsAct4VET results

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The SkillsAct4VET Erasmus+ project is coming to an end.
After almost three years of working we are proud to present our results!

1) We have identified five most important transversal skills activated by students during the work-based experience abroad.
– Proactivity
– Self confidence
– Cultural awareness
– Followership
– Adaptability and context reading
Starting from that point, we have reworked the results in new informal educational tools with the aim to help students to improve and manage their capabilities.
Tools were designed to be used before, during and after mobility.
→ Let’s get a general idea of the process!

2) The SkillsAct4VetTasksMap: The questionnaire has been developed to be submitted to both students and tutors in host companies, during the mobility.
It is a simple set of questions, to facilitate students’ transversal skills awareness-raising and activation while they are at work.
Students take the questionnaire and get the results.
The tutor takes the same questionnaire and sends the results to the student, who can compare both scores.
● The main aim at this stage is to increase self-perception by the student.

3) SkillsAct4Vettrainingcourse for teachers:

It’s an online course developed especially for Vet teachers supporting awareness building around their transversal skills activation process for their students.
● The main goal is training teachers to assist the mobility.

4) SkillsAct4VetFinalAssessment
It is the most important result of the project.
It’a a final test based on a scientific methodology that measures the achieved awareness and activation of the transversal skills by the students during the mobility
The outcomes are based on the student’s attitude and personality and identify areas of strength and weak points that need further development.
● The main aim of this final step is to provide students with a reference tool that they can use also for future experiences.
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All the results and in-depth information are available on our website!